Interview By Qing Yan

Tube Filling Machine

The 26th CBE China Beauty Expo was successfully held will be held on May 12 to 14, 2021. During the Expo, our CEO Mr. Vic Chen interviewed by Media QINGYAN who is a active in internet media focus on cosmetic industry. Mr. Chen Claimed as following:

- ATPACK focus on high and middle end market where in the demand on automatic solution is growth rapidly. Theses customer are including Kolmar, Intercos, S’young, OSM, Cosmax, Yunnan BAIYAO and so on.

- Small amount but various require the machine with stable but flexible. How ever, filling plus cartoning is becoming the trend.

- On the other hand, due to the live stream sales by influencer who have millions of followers bring one single product could be sold by thousands and  millions. Thus, require automatic machine to fulfill the orders which give us an opportunity to sell more machines to the market.

Post time: Jun-04-2021